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May 26, 2023

Are you looking for ONE reason to revolutionize your Ambulatory Surgical Center? How about an entire interview full of reasons? Joining us on this week's Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ series is Scott Cohen, the visionary Founder and CEO of ONE TRAY®/IST, to talk about The Total Solution and announce the launch of their innovative NEW sealed case cart: ONE CART™. In this episode, Scott takes us on a deep dive into the transformational impact of ONE TRAY®, EZ-TRAX™ and ONE CART™ on SPD workflows and how it is meticulously designed to improve efficiency and staff satisfaction.

Designed with safety and efficiency at its core, ONE CART™ offers a unique value proposition, enabling the safe transport of soiled instruments from the OR to Decon in space constrained settings such as ASCs and smaller hospitals. In this interview, Scott highlights ONE CART™'s unique features such as a smaller footprint, a glass window for easy content identification, and adjustable shelves for flexible storage. Its compact yet spacious design ensures easy navigation through narrow hallways while maximizing storage capacity.

Be sure to check out the recently released Becker’s ASC Review Editorial for an in-depth interview with a facility utilizing this 3 product suite and download this episode's bonus content on the Beyond Clean mobile app. 

Ready to upgrade your ASC with ONE CART™ or talk about how The Total Solution can help you? Head over to to explore more. Watch The Total Solution in action here:

For any queries or additional information, reach out to ONE TRAY®/IST at or call them at 937-619-0138. Don’t forget to follow the ONE TRAY® IFU for use. Also, stay connected on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates!