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Beyond Clean Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

This week on Beyond Clean we welcome Michael Matthews Manager of Central Sterile at Baptist Health in Arkansas who is joining us as an administrator and co-host.  Mike, Hank and Justin conduct a round table discussion looking back at 2017 for BeyondClean, the instrument budget, and dealing with fast paced changes in...

Dec 11, 2017

While you wait for Season 2 of Beyond Clean to begin on October 1st, we are re-releasing the top 5 episodes of season one!

This week's flashback episode is with Dr. Peter Nichol, Pediatric Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of MedAware Systems Inc.  Dr. Nichol is a minimally invasive pediatric surgeon and Developmental...

Dec 4, 2017

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Lindsay Brown, Clinical Education Manager at Key Surgical.

Segment 1 - 02:10

  • Types of Brushes
  • General Use Recommendations
  • Proper Storage

Segment 2 - 18:15

  • Brush Instructions for Use
  • Brushes on the Clean Side
  • Reusable Brushes

Segment 3 - 36:20

  • Dangers of Improper...