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Sep 18, 2017

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Thomas Overbey, Director of Marketing at Ultra Clean Systems.  Thomas' achievements include producing numerous live interactive surgical broadcasts, as well as on-demand continuing education content.

Segment 1 - 02:32

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Overview
  • Current Trends and Common Misconceptions
  • Buyer's Guide Discussion

Segment 2 - 23:59

  • Game of Reprocessing Challenge Concept
  • Requirements for Submission
  • Importance of Professional Conferences
  • Vendors Role in Education

Segment 3 - 38:13

  • NewsSplash - Positive Messaging
  • Cutting Edge Social Media Technology in Medicine

Join us next week when our guest will be Daniel Coole, Managing Director at Surgical Holdings in the United Kingdom. #beyondclean

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