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Sep 9, 2022

This week we dropped the #SterileProcessing industry's first ever LinkedIn Audio™ interview with none other than Johnny Caffaro, the medical device influencer, entrepreneur, and branding thought-leader out there challenging the status quo of the surgical marketing space. Because we love you, we hacked the platform and were able to RECORD the interview for those of you who missed it live! (Currently Linkedin Audio™ does NOT have a recorded ON-Demand option).

This is that special archive recording, straight from us to you.

Tune in as we discuss everything from the secret lives of the surgical sales rep to the future of collaborative clinical education, and everything in between! Whether you're coming from the device world, OR, or Sterile Processing, we'll have it all mixed into one killer interview with unique insights, real life perspective, and practical takeaways to help you #GetSocial wherever you are in the industry.

We hope you enjoy and can't wait to have you join us for the next Linkedin Audio™ event!

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