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Nov 27, 2017

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Don Williams Manager, Sterile Instrument Processing of the Northwest Region at Kaiser Permanente.  He is an IAHCSMM Certification Council Member and has served as the President of the Northwest Cascade Chapter of IAHCSMM.

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Segment 1 - 02:30

  • Don's Transition From Criminal Justice to SPD
  • Leadership Growth
  • IAHCSMM Chapter Success

Segment 2 - 17:30

  • Initial Challenges In Centralized Processing for ASCs
  • Vision for Improvement
  • Building Trust

Segment 3 - 35:55

  • “Fixing” the owned implant inventory
  • Scope Processing Opportunities for Improvement
  • Biggest Challenges Still Facing SPD Leaders

Join us next week when our guest will be Lindsay Brown, Clinical Education Manager at Key Surgical. #beyondclean

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