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Beyond Clean Podcast

Sep 11, 2017

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Patrick Dotts, Division Director at Soliant Health.  Patrick is a healthcare placement professional whose primary focus is contracting high quality Nursing, Allied and Therapy professionals to hospital clients.

Segment 1 - 03:05

  • Introduction to the staffing model
  • Challenges with agency staffing
  • Market variations across the country

Segment 2 - 18:11

  • What to look for in an agency
  • Preparing to receive an agency technician
  • Adopting a 3rd party rating system

Segment 3 - 39:56

  • Benefits of becoming a traveling technician
  • What to consider before traveling
  • Common mistakes new travelers make

Join us next week when our guest will be Thomas Overbey, Director of Marketing at Ultra Clean Systems. #beyondclean

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